Computational Lithography

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A Unified Summary of the Models and Optimization Methods Used in Computational Lithography Optical lithography is one of the most challenging areas of current integrated circuit manufacturing technology

Algorithms for coherent illumination as well as partially coherent illumination systems are described, and numerous simulations are offered to illustrate the effectiveness of the algorithms

An accompanying MATLAB software guide is also included

An accompanying MATLAB software guide is included, and readers can download the software to use with the guide at ftp // tech med/computational lithography

Computational Lithography is the first book to address the computational optimization of RETs in optical lithography, providing an in-depth discussion of optimal optical proximity correction OPC , phase shifting mask PSM , and off-axis illumination OAI RET tools that use model-based mathematical optimization approaches

Computational lithography draws from the rich theory of inverse problems, optics, optimization, and computational imaging as such, the book is also directed to researchers and practitioners in these fields.

In addition, mathematical derivations of all optimization frameworks are presented

It goes on to describe in detail different types of optimization algorithms to implement RETs

Most of the algorithms developed are based on the application of the OPC, PSM, and OAI approaches and their combinations

Tailored for both entry-level and experienced readers, Computational Lithography is meant for faculty, graduate students, and researchers, as well as scientists and engineers in industrial organizations whose research or career field is semiconductor IC fabrication, optical lithography, and RETs

The accompanying MATLAB software files for all the RET methods described in the book make it easy for readers to run and investigate the codes in order to understand and apply the optimization algorithms, as well as to design a set of optimal lithography masks

The book starts with an introduction to optical lithography systems, electric magnetic field principles, and the fundamentals of optimization from a mathematical point of view

The codes may also be used by readers for their research and development activities in their academic or industrial organizations

The semiconductor industry is relying more on resolution enhancement techniques RETs , since their implementation does not require significant changes in fabrication infrastructure

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